The Survey Show – Genevieve Carroll

genevieve carroll

‘The soil we must care for as we care for our lives’ Alex Miller


When I work with the ideas of mortality and the grotesque I am reminded of my own impermanence, fear of death and existence. My life as an extravagant formed ornament that maybe beautiful or misshapen, awareness of connecting with ones self and the world through still life with paintings and the three dimensional installation.


My art is like reading a visual book, which I call The Wattle Room and then consecutive chapters unfold with each exhibition. It’s a visual memoir.


When people see this work, I’d like them to see the use of natural and artificial elements in my installation, which equate to nature and civilization, a consumer society, which is trying to maintain an appearance when things are going rapidly wrong. Acting as though nothing is wrong, addicted to immediacy and misshapen values. Ignoring a looming disaster at the endless party.


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