The Survey Show – Connie Anthes

For The Survey Show, Connie Anthes plans Untitled (Wall #1), 2014, an Installation with trees, welded recycled plastic, fishing line.

What are our expectations of a gallery space? Walls with pictures on them, at the very least. Just as the Clandulla State Gallery inverts the idea of what constitutes a gallery, I too am inverting the idea of a gallery wall as a non-participating “solid” element in the gallery space. This translucent wall becomes a flickering, fragile frame for a living landscape, seen both through and around its edges.

Other work by Connie Anthes can be see on, including 98 Vacancies, her work for Cementa_13 composed of cast concrete and a location in Kandos.

Connie Anthes 98Vacancies Comenta13

Connie Anthes 98Vacancies Comenta13

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