The Survey Show – Alan Schacher

For the Survey Show Alan is participating on behalf of Gravity Research Institute Inc. and will create a site-responsive environment within and around which he will undertake a durational performance during the exhibition hours. His concerns will be with habitat, camouflage, refuge, and isolation. 

Alan is an interdisciplinary artist who engages in various modes of Live Art practice, installation, devised dance and theatre productions, and collaborations.

alan schacher



For the Clandulla Survey show I will be responding to the forest environment as territory, terrain, as colonised land. Also as something perhaps slightly unwholesome.


A feeling I have experienced in State Forests that is different to natural bushland.


I am dealing with ideas about habitat, camouflage, refuge, and isolation and thinking of landing in a strange other world, an uninviting place. I am also thinking about an enclosure, a tent or tabernacle, which may be a place of worship, or a way of concealing activities. Where did it come from and how did it get here? How long has it been here?


These are the kinds of questions that require a suspension of disbelief. To this I will add the occupant, a durational performance perhaps maintaining this place and its status. Perhaps waiting for a war to end that has in fact already ended decades ago, or anticipating one that is perpetually imminent.

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